Plasma 5.2 bits for kdereview

Mario Fux kde-ml at
Thu Jan 8 21:28:16 GMT 2015

Am Donnerstag, 08. Januar 2015, 22.05:45 schrieb David Edmundson:



> > That said, there is no consensus here, as it seems I'm expressing I'm
> > part of
> > a minority view and I'm not in the release team, if no one else says
> > anything
> > else I would stop here for this specific case. If the problem surfaces
> > again
> > in future for more and more modules, I would raise it again.
> FWIW, I think it's a good idea.
> I  just don't think it's viable to be discussing it the day we tag a
> release.
> If it's something you want to push for, raise it before another problem
> surfaces, as otherwise it'll just be too late to do anything again.

Good point. It's bad timing now. So let's bring this up again after this 
release. I agree with Luigi that we probably need another module for libraries 
that are not frameworks quality but need regular releases. And we've several 
candidates as seen as well in the kde-frameworks-devel list.

Could somebody (else than me ;-) add this to his todo list for after the 
Plasma 5.2 release?


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