Changes to our Git infrastructure

Jan Kundr√°t jkt at
Tue Jan 6 12:19:45 GMT 2015

On Monday, 5 January 2015 14:03:13 CEST, Thomas Friedrichsmeier wrote:
> I think there is an easy test for this (well, not a real test, but a
> useful initial heuristic): Can you explain exactly how to submit a
> patch for your project
> - to someone without prior knowledge of the tools involved
> - without assuming the required tools/keys/accounts are already set up
> - without any further reading
> - covering all required steps in sufficient detail
> in no more than 2000 words, or (if it's based on a web-wizard) in less
> than 20 minutes?

This includes links to other pages which explain how to work with git, but 
I think that it does qualify:

Does it match your requirements?

That page started as an attempt to provide a documentation for existing KDE 
developers, so it does go into depth of how to manualy Cc reviewers. If we 
decide to use Gerrit, then I think it would make a lot of sense to 
intorduce a single-page "Submitting Patches Quickstart" which would just 
describe the absolute basics on one page, including a git primer.


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