Changes to our Git infrastructure

Jeff Mitchell mitchell at
Mon Jan 5 18:03:06 GMT 2015

On 5 Jan 2015, at 12:40, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:

> All this back-and-forth about cli tools actually sounds weird to me. I 
> know that the beginners who start hacking on Krita would never use any 
> of them. Git on the command line is often already something they can 
> be rightly proud of when they master the beginnings. Heck, I myself 
> haven't used rbtools, even though the reviewboard site urges it 
> strongly. Let the real experts use cli tools, and they can handle a 
> bit of obscurity.
> So I don't think obscure cli tools matter even one whit -- what 
> matters is having the nicest possible web tools that make life for 
> people as easy as possible. Ideally, people shouldn't need a kde 
> identity to submit something (patch, bug report, idea, screenshot, 
> plea for help), and reviewers should be able to drop into a private 
> conversation with only very little effort.

Agreed. We've been looking for more friendly, better-integrated, and 
more usable tools for a long time. Not just for newcomers, but 
especially for newcomers. When you're an old hand at development, 
minimal setup of a useful tool is just not a huge burden.

I do disagree about needing a KDE identity to submit things like bug 
reports; it is not useful to be unable to follow-up with someone, and if 
they don't have an email address they're much less likely to remember to 
check back. Not to mention link spam and all sorts of other nastiness. 
Possibly allowing non-Identity account providers for non-developers is a 
good middle ground (Google, Twitter, Facebook, GitHub).


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