Changes to our Git infrastructure

Jeff Mitchell mitchell at
Mon Jan 5 17:06:57 GMT 2015

On 5 Jan 2015, at 11:57, Thomas L├╝bking wrote:

> On Montag, 5. Januar 2015 17:46:51 CEST, Jeff Mitchell wrote:
>> Your hatred of PHP is well noted.
> I don't think it's hate - but it remains an undeniable fact that it's 
> of little use on typical client systems.
> Therefore it's a valid concern that people might very well be pushed 
> off by the requirement to install it for the only purpose of pushing 
> reviews via cli.

I really, really don't understand this concern. We're not in the days of 
500MB hard drives and nobody is asking anyone to install 
constantly-running daemons with open ports. I don't shiver with fear 
when I apt-get install a package and it wants to pull in a bunch of 
(non-daemon) libraries. Whatever you need to do your job, man.

But I recognize that this may be a limitation of my own psyche.


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