Help solving this month's "Bug of the Month"

Christoph Feck cfeck at
Mon Jan 5 16:58:45 GMT 2015

Hi developers!

The KDE Gardening Team nominates one particular annoying bug as “The 
Bug of the Month”, see

This time, kded memory leaks await investigation:

To trace memory leaks in running processes, Milian Wolff created a new 
tool "heaptrack", so if you can reproduce memory leaks, please try it.

Please help solving it, by adding ideas or patches to the relevant 
pages, review requests, or bugzilla pages. Anyone is invited to 
participate and our users will appreciate this bug getting solved.

Suggestions for next month's bug to the kde-gardening mailing list.

Thanks in advance!

Christoph Feck
KDE Quality Team

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