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Mon Jan 5 09:37:24 GMT 2015

On Sunday, 4 January 2015 13:21:12 CEST, Thomas Friedrichsmeier wrote:
> True, but don't forget about the other side of the story:
> - potential contributors will have to learn more stuff, before they
>   can even _start_ contributing, which may be a real turn-off in some
>   cases.

That's a valid concern, so the core question is whether this scenario:

- make changes
- make a commit
- push that commit

is any more complex than:

- make changes
- create a diff
- upload that diff via a browser.

I have to admit I have no idea which one is *really* easier for a total 
newbie, and which one is easier for an average contributor.

> Your project's situation may be very different from mine. Personally,
> I'm much more worried about keeping the entry barrier as low as
> possible, than about reducing the amount of effort that I have to put
> into supporting and educating contributors.

That's also a possibility. However, in my experience with Gerrit, GCI 
students (which are kids aged 12-18, IIRC) were able to upload patches 
without substantial problems. That's despite our rudimentary state of 
KDE-specific documentation, and Gerrit having a "oh no, let's run away from 
that beast" reputation. In short, I think that there's actually a solution 
which can be both a low enough barier to entry *and* help maintainers do 
their job easier.


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