Outgoing e-mails from Gerrit review to uninterested people

Jan Kundr√°t jkt at kde.org
Sat Jan 3 23:54:17 GMT 2015

On Saturday, 3 January 2015 08:57:43 CEST, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> It would be nice if there was an opt-out for this. I receive a 
> large number of 
> emails from gerrit for reviews which I have been automatically 
> subscribed to 
> which I have absolutely zero interest in.

Hi Aaron,
sorry about that. Do you still have these e-mails? It would be interesting 
for me to see them to know what triggered your inclusion in there. Either 
way, tweaking the notifications is something which we should discuss, and 
this real-world testing and feedback enables us to arrive to a better 
configuration for everybody.

Our current settings tries to auto-determine people familiar with the code 
by looking at the authors of lines which are touched by a patch, and auto 
Cc-ing the top three (IIRC) of these people. This is easy to disable or 
configure on a per-project basis. Unfortunately, there's no support for 
checking whether each developer is OK with getting subsequent information 
about these changes. I have to admit I'm a bit surprised that you do not 
like this feature because I'm usually curious with what happens with code I 
write, but maybe I'm just on too few projects to feel the pain of spam.

I see that you got Cced on a review which went through 11 iterations. That, 
combined with quite a few comments, can very well lead to a number of 
e-mails. According to the mail logs, you received 29 e-mails so far. I 
don't have an easy way of distinguishing between those where you were 
explicitly Cc-ed and those where this automation decided to add you. On 
December 16th, I cut this number down a bit by making the CI process only 
send the result to the patch uploader and not to all reviewers.

Oh, and what we are also doing is sending notifications about new patches 
to the project's mailing list, but I assume that you aren't referring to 
these patches.

Suggestions on how to improve this are welcome.


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