Dr Konqi still misbehaving - advice needed

Ian Wadham iandw.au at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 05:48:59 GMT 2015

Hi Thomas and others,

My patch, based on Thomas' idea for handling the stale-cookies problem in
Dr Konqi, has now been backported to the Applications/14.12 branch and
forward-ported to master in KF5's plasma-workspace (thanks, Hrvoje).

https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=337742 has been closed and marked
as "Fixed in 14.12.1".

If I understand correctly, this change will be tagged in Applications/14.12 on
8 January 2015 and released on 13 January 2015 in Applications/14.12.1.
Please can someone confirm this, i.e. Have I done the pushes correctly?

Now that the holiday season is closing, please could somebody give the
change a quick test on Linux and KDE 4?  See details below.  My own tests
on Apple OS X were inconclusive.  I was unable to reproduce the problem
with stale cookies.

On 29/12/2014, at 5:31 PM, Ian Wadham wrote:
> So could someone please do before-and-after tests of patch [1] on KDE 4
> and Linux, using the bugstest.kde.org database? i.e.
>  a) No patch [1], no cookies for bugstest.kde.org --- Dr K should succeed.
>  b) No patch [1], cookies added --- Dr K should fail.
>  c) Patch [1] added, cookies still present --- Dr K should succeed.
> See attachment [2]  for a patch to set up Dr K to use the test database (cloned
> about 3 months ago).  It should contain most of the accounts and data of the
> live bugs.kde.org database, but will send no embarrassing emails…
> Thanks in advance, Ian W.
> [1] <DrKonqiSecurity_5.patch>
> [2] <DrK_bugstest.patch>

All the best, Ian W.

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