KDE Frameworks 5.7.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Feb 14 14:32:28 GMT 2015

14th February 2015. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.7.0.

KDE Frameworks are 60 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of 
commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested 
libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the 
Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.


  A number of fixes for compiling with the upcoming Qt 5.5


  Fixed starting and stopping activities
  Fixed activity preview showing wrong wallpaper occasionally


  Create temporary files in the temp dir rather than in the current directory


  Fixed generation of KAuth DBus helper service files


  Fixed assert when dbus paths contain a '.'


  Added support for CP949 to KCharsets


  kconf_update no longer processes *.upd file from KDE SC 4. Add "Version=5" to top of the upd file for updates that should be applied to Qt5/KF5 applications
  Fixed KCoreConfigSkeleton when toggling a value with saves in between
  Fixed using KSharedConfig in global object destructor


  KRecentFilesAction: fixed menu entry order (so it matches the kdelibs4 order)


  KAboutData: Call addHelpOption and addVersionOption automatically, for convenience and consistency
  KAboutData: Bring back "Please use http://bugs.kde.org to report bugs." when no other email/url is set
  KAutoSaveFile: allStaleFiles() now works as expected for local files, fixed staleFiles() too
  KRandomSequence now uses int's internally and exposes int-api for 64-bit unambiguity
  Mimetype definitions: *.qmltypes and *.qmlproject files also have the text/x-qml mime type
  KShell: make quoteArgs quote urls with QChar::isSpace(), unusual space characters were not handled properly
  KSharedDataCache: fix creation of directory containing the cache (porting bug)


  Added helper method KDEDModule::moduleForMessage for writing more kded-like daemons, such as kiod


  Added a plotter component
  Added overload method for Formats::formatDuration taking int
  New properties paintedWidth and paintedHeight added to QPixmapItem and QImageItem
  Fixed painting QImageItem and QPixmapItem


  Add support for loading kded modules with JSON metadata


  Now includes the runtime component, making this a tier3 framework
  Made the Windows backend work again
  Re-enabled the Mac backend
  Fixed crash in KGlobalAccel X11 runtime shutdown


  Mark results as required to warn when API is misused
  Added BUILD_WITH_QTSCRIPT buildsystem option to allow a reduced feature-set on embedded systems


  OSX: load the correct shared libraries at runtime
  Mingw compilation fixes


  Fixed crash in jobs when linking to KIOWidgets but only using a QCoreApplication
  Fixed editing web shortcuts
  Added option KIOCORE_ONLY, to compile only KIOCore and its helper programs, but not KIOWidgets or KIOFileWidgets, thus reducing greatly the necessary dependencies
  Added class KFileCopyToMenu, which adds Copy To / Move To" to popupmenus
  SSL-enabled protocols: added support for TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 protocols, remove SSLv3
  Fixed negotiatedSslVersion and negotiatedSslVersionName to return the actual negotiated protocol
  Apply the entered URL to the view when clicking the button that switches the URL navigator back to breadcrumb mode
  Fixed two progress bars/dialogs appearing for copy/move jobs
  KIO now uses its own daemon, kiod, for out-of-process services previously running in kded, in order to reduce dependencies; currently only replaces kssld
  Fixed "Could not write to <path>" error when kioexec is triggered
  Fixed "QFileInfo::absolutePath: Constructed with empty filename" warnings when using KFilePlacesModel


  Fixed KRecursiveFilterProxyModel for Qt 5.5.0+, due to QSortFilterProxyModel now using the roles parameter to the dataChanged signal


  Always reload xml data from remote urls


  Documentation: mentionned the file name requirements of .notifyrc files
  Fixed dangling pointer to KNotification
  Fixed leak of knotifyconfig
  Install missing knotifyconfig header


  Renamed kpackagetool man to kpackagetool5
  Fixed installation on case-insensitive filesystems


  Fixed Kross::MetaFunction so it works with Qt5's metaobject system


  Include unknown properties when converting KPluginInfo from KService
  KPluginInfo: fixed properties not being copied from KService::Ptr
  OS X: performance fix for kbuildsycoca4 (skip app bundles)


  Fixed high-precision touchpad scrolling
  Do not emit documentUrlChanged during reload
  Do not break cursor position on document reload in lines with tabs
  Do not re(un)fold the first line if it was manually (un)folded
  vimode: command history through arrow keys
  Do not try to create a digest when we get a KDirWatch::deleted() signal
  Performance: remove global initializations


  Fixed infinite recursion in Unit::setUnitMultiplier


  Automatically detect and convert old ECB wallets to CBC
  Fixed the CBC encryption algorithm
  Ensured wallet list gets updated when a wallet file gets removed from disk
  Remove stray </p> in user-visible text


  Use kstyleextensions to specify custom control element for rendering kcapacity bar when supported, this allow the widget to be styled properly
  Provide an accessible name for KLed


  Fixed NETRootInfo::setShowingDesktop(bool) not working on Openbox
  Added convenience method KWindowSystem::setShowingDesktop(bool)
  Fixes in icon format handling
  Added method NETWinInfo::icccmIconPixmap provides icon pixmap from WM_HINTS property
  Added overload to KWindowSystem::icon which reduces roundtrips to X-Server
  Added support for _NET_WM_OPAQUE_REGION


  Do not print a message about unhandled "AccessPoints" property
  Added support for NetworkManager 1.0.0 (not required)
  Fixed VpnSetting secrets handling
  Added class GenericSetting for connections not managed by NetworkManager
  Added property AutoconnectPriority to ConnectionSettings

Plasma framework

  Fixed errorneously opening a broken context menu when middle clicking Plasma popup
  Trigger button switch on mouse whee
  Never resize a dialog bigger than the screen
  Undelete panels when applet gets undeleted
  Fixed keyboard shortcuts
  Restore hint-apply-color-scheme support
  Reload the configuration when plasmarc changes


  Added energyFull and energyFullDesign to Battery

Buildsystem changes (extra-cmake-modules)

  New ECMUninstallTarget module to create an uninstall target
  Make KDECMakeSettings import ECMUninstallTarget by default
  KDEInstallDirs: warn about mixing relative and absolute installation paths on the command line
  Added ECMAddAppIcon module to add icons to executable targets on Windows and Mac OS X
  Fixed CMP0053 warning with CMake 3.1
  Do not unset cache variables in KDEInstallDirs


  Fix updating of single click setting at runtime
  Multiple fixes to the systemtray integration
  Only install color scheme on toplevel widgets (to fix QQuickWidgets)
  Update XCursor settings on X11 platform


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