Review Request 120210: kdoctools: style images more elegantly

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Fri Feb 13 01:07:11 GMT 2015

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Review request for Documentation, kdelibs, Luigi Toscano, and Jack Ostroff.

Repository: kdelibs


The ugly <hr> elements that used to surround DocBook <mediaobject> elements are removed, and replaced with CSS styling around <screenshot> and <informalfigure> elements only.  Plain <mediaobject> elements are now unstyled.
As discussed on the documentation team mailing list:

Filed originally against KDE/4.14 at the request of Luigi Toscano, will forward port to KF5/kdoctools also.


  doc/common/kde-default.css 24ef928 
  doc/common/kde-docs.css db23b3e 
  kdoctools/customization/kde-style.xsl 03e8bc9 



Rerun meinproc4 against documentation; verified new style in konqueror and khelpcenter.


T.C. Hollingsworth

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