KDiagram libs (KChart, KGantt) in KDE Review

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Feb 8 23:23:58 GMT 2015

El Diumenge, 8 de febrer de 2015, a les 00:29:26, Friedrich W. H. Kossebau va 
> Hi,
> Calligra, Massif-Visualizer, KMyMoney (and perhaps more) make use of KDAB's
> nice offer of their KDChart in the GPLv2 licensing variant. But as there are
> no real public releases of KDChart, all the projects have copied a dump of
> KDChart into their code repositories, updating now and then to newer
> versions of KDChart. Which is anything but perfect.
> To improve things, after some talk with KDABians it was decided to create a
> KDE repo with a KDE-fied fork of KDChart, based on their latest Qt5ied
> version. So all FLOSS Qt5-based projects have a single place to-go-to for
> nice charting. Which would be centrally updated now and then. Still not
> perfect, but an improvement over the current situation.
> To meet the KDE repo requirements, KDAB has also extended the license to
> GPLv2+ for this dump :)

Thanks KDABians for this.

If this is basically a copy&paste from the existing code we're already 
shipping i have no objection, though you should probably get someone with 
CMake knowledge to review (and kill that autogen.py and g++.pri?)


> That repo is named "kdiagram" and has just been moved into "kdereview".
> Final destination is "extragear/graphics", as other charting/diagram
> software also is located there.
> After the initial code dump in the repo, work has been done to convert the
> buildsystem from qmake to cmake/ECM and KDE-fy the code in general. But no
> real changes besides renaming/rebranding have been done to the codebase, so
> this should be quickly usable by all FLOSS programs with their own copy of
> KDChart so far, and just need a few s/KDChart/KChart/ etc. for adaption.
> KDChart actually consists of two libraries, "kdchart" and "kdgantt", which
> have been made explicitly separate libs in KDiagram, and named "kchart" and
> "kgantt" there (and thus the repo "kdiagram" instead of "kchart", to not
> hide the gantt lib). Not yet clear if those libs would be merged more one
> day, so for now staying with a single repo, like the original, instead of
> splitting up into two repos by the two libs.
> Ideally a first release of kdiagram (libs kchart, kgantt) is done before the
> porting work of Calligra to Qt5 starts somewhen end of February, so that
> port can rely on the then external libs from the start. For that the
> schedule now is:
> tagging first release: February 16th
> moving to "Extragear/Graphics": February 22th
> release first release: February 22th
> Please do a
> 	git clone kde:kdiagram
> and give the libs some build testing (also go for all the compiled example
> and test apps) and review, especially the buildsystem. And perhaps prepare
> your FLOSS apps to use it already. This should give you KChart resp. KGantt
> in your CMakeLists.txt file:
> 	find_package(KChart "2.6.0" REQUIRED)
> 	target_link_libraries(myflossapp KChart)
> 	find_package(KGantt "2.6.0" REQUIRED)
> 	target_link_libraries(myflossapp KGantt)
> Cheers
> Friedrich

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