Moving KDE Telepathy to kdenetwork

Sune Vuorela nospam at
Thu Feb 5 21:24:10 GMT 2015

On 2015-02-02, Martin Klapetek <martin.klapetek at> wrote:
> Another part that KDE Telepathy needs is KAccounts and we'd like
> to move that one too, probably to kde-runtime but there seems to be
> some disagreements of the purpose of kde-runtime. KAccounts is

I'm pretty sure that everything in kde-runtime is only for kdelibs. in
Frameworks, everything has been moved into the framework it is a part

KAccounts sounds mostly like a network thing to me, at least so far. If
it becomes more than a network accounts thing, maybe it should become a
framework ?

> [1] KDE Telepathy repos are:
>  ktp-accounts-kcm
>  ktp-approver
>  ktp-auth-handler
>  ktp-call-ui*
>  ktp-common-internals
>  ktp-contact-list
>  ktp-contact-runner
>  ktp-desktop-applets
>  ktp-filetransfer-handler
>  ktp-kded-module
>  ktp-send-file
>  ktp-text-ui

would this also be a time to maybe reconsider if one went a bit
overboard with the original repository splitting?  Having a
libkdetelepathyinternalsprivate as a *public* available library somehow
smells like a bit wrong to me.

> *) ktp-call-ui is not yet ported and will most probably be dropped from
> the 15.04 release

So that one is staying in ... playground ... so far?


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