Another proposal for modernization of our infrastructure

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Sun Feb 1 12:49:58 GMT 2015

On Friday 30 January 2015 10:57:33 Ben Cooksley wrote:
> Given that upstream has had multiple attempts now at an improved
> interface, I would question whether they would be willing to accept a
> user interface which is suitable for our needs. It appears that they
> are quite comfortable with an interface many find unintuitive or
> difficult to use. If they weren't, considering the number of backers
> it has - one would think someone would have sponsored such an
> interface.

They would have if they still had major problems with the usability of the 
tool. It probably just so happens that all the backers are used to the 
interface, however bad it might be, and don't feel the need to sponsor such a 

I find myself in that category. Provided there is a one-page-diff support, 
Gerrit works very well for me and I don't find it clumsy at all. That's not to 
say I don't want it improved -- I do -- but I don't feel the pressing need to 
for someone to work on it.

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