Move ktp-call-ui to kdenetwork

Diane Trout diane at
Thu Dec 24 07:19:11 GMT 2015

> > > However I do know of bugs that I haven't been able to figure out how to
> > > resolve. such as it doesn't always manage to complete call setup, and
> > > the
> > > current version hasn't really been tested by others.
> > 
> > Noone has tested it doesn't sound like "shipping quality ready" for me.
> I use it occasionally for XMPP video chat and it works for me most of the
> time. But I contributed to the KF5 port so I might be biased.
> I think that most of the problems that remain are in the Telepathy or
> GStreamer (Farstream) stack, but I am not sure how much activity there is
> for these nowadays.

I'm pretty sure most of the issues are in farstreamer as well. There may be 
also be some issues from some objects not having support in the Qt/Glib 

> > Are you sure we want to ship this to all our users like that? Can we maybe
> > get some testing first?

So, mostly I just want this version to have a release, and I'm sufficiently new 
to KDE not to know how best to do that.

Also what Niels and I did is port it from KDE4 and GStreamer 0.10 to Plasma5 & 
GStreamer 1.0. Most of the core logic is still from  George Kiagiadakis. It 
now works about as well as it did with KDE4 but with newer libraries.

Also its not like there's any KDE client that has better support for video 
chat for XMPP. As far as I am aware the only open source project with better 
XMPP video support is Jitsi. (I think there's some SIP based clients that are 
Qt based that claim support for video, but I haven't tested them).

However if there's a way to make an official "kde extras" or "unstable" release 
that can be easily shipped by distros, I'm totally fine with that too. I would 
rather not ship a git snapshot into Debian proper.


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