Policy regarding QtWebKit and QtScript

Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at kde.org
Tue Dec 22 17:21:03 GMT 2015


> Webkit and Qt Quick 1 Removed
> We have removed WebKit and Qt Quick 1 from Qt 5.6 release content.
> The source code is still available in the repositories, but these are not
> packaged with Qt 5.6 any more. **Qt Script remains deprecated, but is
> included in Qt 5.6 release.**

Seems Qt Script will stay for a bit longer. So, I'd say getting rid of
webkit is the primary task. And a problematic one since a few distros
expressed the reluctance to ship the QtWebEngine.

As for QtScript, I see two approaches:
- kross (what is the state of it?)
- qml engines


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