Change to Mail Infrastructure - SPF and DKIM verification will now be enforced

Martin Graesslin mgraesslin at
Wed Dec 9 10:42:18 GMT 2015

On Wednesday, December 9, 2015 2:09:01 AM CET Valorie Zimmerman wrote:
> We *can* do this, we need to do this, and Ben doesn't have time to do
> all the work himself. So we need to do our part to help.

That's what I suggested in one of my mails. We need to tackle this as a 
coordinated project where we keep track on which mailing list got contacted, 
which one changed and so on. I think what some see as a huge problem here is 
that this can be a highly disruptive change to users of addresses and 
that the current time frame is too short (Christmas, New Year, etc.).

We need to tackle it as a project and we need to accept that it might take 
half a year or year to ensure that it's not disruptive to our community. I 
don't like spam and forgery and what not and I'm full in support for what our 
sysadmins suggest, but it must not be disruptive. If I'm kicked out of one 
mailing list it will be disruptive to me and render my address 
useless and by that harming KDE as an organization. That must not happen. 
Given that we need to tackle it as a coordinated project.

I'm sorry I won't be able to help on that before end of January due to 
personal reasons restricting my spare time.

Btw. this could be nice GCI tasks: contact a mailing list, keep track of it.


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