Using nullptr instead of Q_NULLPTR

Allen Winter winter at
Fri Aug 14 14:54:14 BST 2015

On Friday, August 14, 2015 02:34:49 PM Jarosław Staniek wrote:

> PS: A Krazy check checking for usage of NULLs and Q_NULLPTR would be lovely. 
> Checking the use of 0's isn't easy, right?
Already done, since 2007.  but it's in the "extra" checkers, ie. not enabled by default.
Currently the checker suggests using 0 (or Q_NULLPTR for Qt5/KF5 code) instead of NULL.

I can make it a default checker if desired and/or change the behavior.
Tell me what you want and I'll implement.

To test the current implementation, create a .krazy file at the top of your project with the line "EXTRA null"

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