Using nullptr instead of Q_NULLPTR

Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at
Thu Aug 13 14:01:16 BST 2015

> What I don't like in this story is that we set up a rule, an promise with
> users, which was broken and now it's like it does not matter.

Yes, we did set up the rule requirements for gcc 4.5 and MSVC10 back in 2013.

Since then, we broke the rule and increased to MSVC11 (VS2012).

Now, we can increase, if we want to, the gcc requirement to 4.6.

If you think that the additional work of writing a patch, then
increasing the compiler version requirement, and then reverting the
patch is warranted, it is fine by me.

As Lamarque pointed out, gcc 4.6 is required for Qt 5.1. KF5 requires
Qt 5.3. If someone is able to compile Qt, he will be able to compile
KF5 - I guess that is the reason this issue has passed unnoticed for
this long.


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