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Wed Aug 5 00:38:40 BST 2015

On 2 August 2015 at 14:26, John Layt <john at> wrote:

> On 1 August 2015 at 19:47, Sandro KnauƟ <bugs at> wrote:
> > * indivual timezone support, this is something that we need when parsing
> ical
> > and have no known timezone information. I havn't looked into it, but I
> think
> > this can make it eventually into QDateTime.
> This is the real problem and the biggest stumbling block,and I'm sorry
> I haven't had the time to come up with a solution as promised.  I'll
> try sort it out in the next week or so. It was something I wanted in
> QTimeZone but it was far to complex to get in the first version., or
> indeed maybe ever. I need to see if there's a way we can derive our
> own support separate to Qt.

OK, I had a quick look at this and to do it in Qt and it wasn't actually
that hard. You can see the result at:

This should support the full set of VTIMEZONE rules, have a look and let me
know if not.

I'm not sure if it will be ready for 5.6 feature freeze on Friday, or if
Thiago will approve of it, but clearly it's not going to be available when
KCalCore is released. I'm still thinking about work-arounds, but it's going
to be messy internally at the very least, and may not be do-able.

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