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On Sun, Aug 2, 2015 at 3:26 PM, John Layt <john at> wrote:

> If you do this you also need all of KLocale again which we also
> do not want. Don't even go there, we changed it for a purpose.

Fwiw, over the year(s) of Plasma5, many times it was expressed
that KLocale is greatly missed, especially when it comes to date/time
formatting. QLocale just doesn't cut it and the digital clock applet is
doing many tricks to get the stuff formatted as wanted. The biggest
downside is that it applies to the clock applet only, so there can't be
a single system-wide "Use 24h-clock format" switch. Clock in panel
can/will be 24h format while everything else will be LC_TIME format
(time stamps in Dolphin eg).

There are some other examples where KLocale was missed in Plasma
but I can't remember which ones that was right now, maybe someone
will fill it.

Maybe it could be worth bringing KLocale back in some limited form
as an intermediate solution?

Alternatively, do you John have any roadmap about QLocale? Perhaps
we could help with filling the missing bits into QLocale directly too.

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