Notes from the Phabricator BoF

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Sat Aug 1 12:39:14 BST 2015

On Fri, Jul 31, 2015 at 1:50 AM, Luigi Toscano <luigi.toscano at> wrote:
> Hi all,

Hi Luigi,

> thanks to Victor Blazquez, here are the notes from the Phabricator BoF. Feel
> free to add your comments and corrections.

Thanks for sending these along, and to Victor for recording them :)
Just a few comments to clarify things and provide extra detail for
those who weren't there.

> Feedback on Phabricator gathered outside the BoF from people who could not
> attend:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> krita
>     used for everything (reviews, tasks, mockups, even bugs);
>     overwelmingly positive feedback from community
>     - annoyance: big unified list of projects; confusing
> akonadinext
>     used reviews, tasks; prefer tasks separate from bugs
>     used internally in company too; also used sprint module
>     - problem: in case of tasks coming from company phabricator and KDE
>       phabricator, the line which reference the commit message will clash
>       (same Txxxxx), a different prefix is needed
>       -> (ervin said it's not a problem), as you could use the full URL of the
>          task instead of just the task ID in the commit message.
>     - annoyance: few rendering/usability bugs in the kanboard view
>                  with many tasks
> tanglu
>     phabricator developers responsive
>     thousands of projects handled in tanglu (no repositories yet)
>     - problem: fast development can be a problem for updates (no real
>       stable branch)
> Positive feedback from Ivan (kactivities)
> Positive feedback from Eike (konversation)
> BoF
> ---------
> Remove login form which is not LDAP
>     - Change message and write something like "Authenticate through

Yeah, this is something we'd definitely be looking into for a final
implementation should the decision be that we implement Phabricator.

> Uses of maniphest vs bugzilla
>     - No migration for now (not the foreseeable future)
> Projects hierarchy (
> Custom view and notifications for groups
>     - Dashboards
>     - Share queries inside a group (check later)

I'm not sure if queries can be shared at this time - but Dashboards
certainly can be, and Dashboards imply shared queries to a certain
extent (and are arguably more powerful as well)

> Can we push a patch through the webpage? (keep an eye on upstream)

Please see the following upstream issues:

> Do we want to reuse our CI system?

We'll be reusing Jenkins, and integrating it with Phabricator.

> When a new review is posted, trigger the CI, it needs some changes to the CI
> Lack of integration with CI is not a blocker
> Suggestion: It would be nice not need to test every patch (CI), to be
> discussed

For more information on how this will end up working in the long run please see:

In the interim we'll likely end up with a simple link being posted by
Jenkins to build results once this is implemented.

> Support for arcanist is available for other plaftorms (Windows, MacOSx)
> Good feedback in general from the people who assisted

Upstream issue is also relevant
to our implementation.

The above is just to give you all an idea of where upstream is heading
and what we can expect to see in the long term from Phabricator.
Aside from the above issue (T4245) I don't see any of these as
blocking our implementation in the short term.

> Ciao
> --
> Luigi


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