RFC: KDE Bugzilla Bugs Expiration

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Sat Aug 1 02:09:14 BST 2015

Christoph Cullmann wrote:
> I think one of the problems with our current Bugzilla database is that it
> contains a lot of "old" bugs and wishs.
> As the manpower is limited and we sometimes not even keep up with the
> incoming new bugs, might it be a good idea to adopt a similar strategy
> like the Qt Project and expire bugs that got not changed since more than
> one year?
> The idea would that a scripts closes all bugs that have no activity in the
> last year e.g. on a weekly basis and the closing comment would contain
> some gentle note that if the bug is still an issue, the reporter (or any
> person on CC) can just reopen it again.
> I think this would make a lot of time consuming bug triaging much easier.

IMHO, KDE (as in, everything that uses bugs.kde.org) is too large a project 
with too different release cycles and maintainership for it to make sense to 
do this with global scripts. Keep in mind that 1. bugs.kde.org is used by 
much more than just the former KDE SC and 2. even that SC has now been split 
into 3 parts (Frameworks, Plasma, Applications) on different release 
schedules. Different policies make sense for different applications. So this 
should be done with per-application scripts. I would also strongly argue for 
keeping this manual for all applications whose maintainer(s) didn't 
explicitly opt in to such an autoclosing policy.

        Kevin Kofler

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