KF5-QT5 branchgroup - jobs that need developeer attention

Kåre Särs kare.sars at iki.fi
Thu Apr 16 06:47:05 BST 2015

On Wednesday 15 April 2015 00:44:14 Scarlett Clark wrote:
> Here is a list of mostly compile failures and other tid bits that need to be
> resolved by the respective developers. If you know the developer of a
> project and they are not on this list please forward this. All jobs can be
> viewed at : https://build-sandbox.kde.org/
> Most of these are osx failures. If osx is not to be supported, I need to
> know that too. Questions - concerns - just ask.
> Thanks,
> Scarlett
> skanlite - all - wants a framework KF5Sane (does this exist?)

Gregor Mi ported both libksane and Skanlite to KF5 last year. They are both in 
the frameworks branch. libksane is not yet a framework, but I think he prepared 
libksane for it. 

For me Skanlite compiles fine with kdesrc-build...

I have plans to split libksane into a non-gui and a gui library and it could be 
good to wait a bit with trying to get it into frameworks for BIC reasons. 

That said I think it would be nice to have a KF5 based release of both libksane 
and skanlite ASAP.


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