KF5-QT5 branchgroup - jobs that need developeer attention

Scarlett Clark sgclark at kubuntu.org
Wed Apr 15 08:44:14 BST 2015

Here is a list of mostly compile failures and other tid bits that need to be 
resolved by the respective developers. If you know the developer of a project 
and they are not on this list please forward this. All jobs can be viewed at : 
Most of these are osx failures. If osx is not to be supported, I need to know 
that too. Questions - concerns - just ask.

apper - kf5 does not appear to be complete. Nothing to deploy.

qt-gstreamer/libaccount-qt - osx - can't find gstreamer and glib2 and 
pkgconfig breaks: analitza, artikulate,kaccounts-integration,
ktp*, kalgebra, 

step - needs eigen3 3.2.2 (has to be  backported to utopic)

choqok - qoauth installs to lib64 and choqok can't find them.

libkface - opencv2/core/internal.hpp: No such file or directory breaks digikam

calligra - All - compile fail.

kcachegrind - osx - compile failure

qca broken osx - breaks: kdeconnect-kde,ksirk

kdenlive osx - compile failure

kdepimlibs - osx - compile failure breaks: kalarmcal, kdepim, kmailtransport

kdeplasma-addons - osx - compile failure

kdevplatform - osx - compile failure - breaks kdevelop*, plasma-sdk

kgamma - osx - missing Qt5X11ExtrasConfig.cmake not sure this would be 
available in osx?

kget - all - wants qca and kf5gpgmepp - pulled in as deps and not found.

khotkeys,powerdevil - osx - baloo not supported? remove dep on milou?

kio-mtp - osx - package 'libmtp' not found

kmenuedit - osx - needs libkscreen - disabled by Marko - reason?

kmix - osx - compile failure

knights - all - compile failure - depends on kspeech needs changed to qtspeech 
for kf5.

konversation - osx - compile failure

kstars - osx - missing Eigen3

ktp-common-internals -Linux compile failure breaks: ktp*

libechonest - all - qjson depend and qt5 has its own internal json now

marble - all - fails at configure - can't get it to find phonon - 
(qextserialport - need help(this is an external depend and it installs into 
strange places) but all these claim to be optional so it should at least build 
without features - but will not proceed to build. Breaks: libkgeomap

libksysguard - osx - compile failure

libringclient - all - compile failure

partitionmanager - osx - need help satisfying the depends (Marko?)

purpose: CMake Error at src/plugins/CMakeLists.txt:17 (add_subdirectory):
   add_subdirectory given source "kdeconnect" which is not an existing
I tried to add kdeconnect as depend and that did not seem to help, not sure 
what it wants here. breaks: kamoso

pyqt5 - linux - needs sip 4.16.4 (needs backport to utopic)

sddm-kcm - osx - Qt5X11ExtrasConfig.cmake (not sure sddm would even be useful 
on osx)

skanlite - all - wants a framework KF5Sane (does this exist?)

tellico - compile failure

wacomtablet - configure incomplete - xinput does not exist on debian/ubuntu

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