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Fri Apr 10 17:48:09 BST 2015

all applications that previously used kspeech did so via an interfaces xml
file that defined the dbus interface. This is gone in kf5. Applications
that need speech should use QtSpeech now. Examples of how to do so are in
khangman, kanagram, okular (frameworks branch) knotifications, etc.
QtSpeech is however unreleased, so all of the above use QtSpeech as an
optional dependency currently. It can be done in two steps, first comment
out or #if 0 around all the kspeech use, then later add use of QtSpeech if


On Fri, Apr 10, 2015 at 3:35 AM, Alexander Semke <Alexander.Semke at>

> > kspeech is deprecated, we need to remove it's use in knights looks like.
> What should be used instead of kspeech now?
> > It's interface file never got released with kf5.
> Interface file? What do you mean here? I don't think knights was ported to
> kf5.
> --
> Alexander
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