Strigi usage in KF5 world

šumski hrvoje.senjan at
Sun Apr 5 19:47:03 BST 2015

Hi all,

In review 120393 [1] it was suggested to remove all code that hasn't compiled 
at least since 5.0.0. Nepomuk parts won't work even if the #if's would be 
correctly adjusted, as there isn't Qt5 based soprano, but strigi ones in 
theory should, if the find_package call would be restored. The libstreams and 
libstreamanalyzer libs are Qt-agnostic, strigi can only use Qt for the GUI 
daemon client.

Now i got suggestion by Vishesh and Albert to ask for a general decision 
regarding strigi-related code.
IMO the code should be killed, as the classes are deprecated even in kdelibs4 
code, so there isn't much point in bringing it all back in kdelibs4support, 
even though still shows some users...

What do others think?

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