Syncing ECM release number with KF5

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Thu Apr 2 18:31:04 BST 2015

Michael Palimaka wrote:

> On 02/04/15 21:29, Stephen Kelly wrote:
>>> I have no particular objection,
>> So, what needs to be done to get this synced up? Bump the version in
>> the CMakeLists.txt and update some release-tarball-creating script?
>> David I guess the latter is for you?
>> Thanks,
>> Steve.
> Can we at least find out why the versioning was different in the first
> place. It would be nice to know the reason before we change anything.

No good reasons. It was versioned with '1' because it was new. 

We can just go ahead and update it, but as I wrote earlier I guess there's 
more to do than just bump the version - I guess there's a release tarball 
creation script to update too.



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