"Automatic Info Reporting" BoF summary

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at gmail.com
Sat Sep 27 21:05:03 BST 2014

>>> - Ask user about their email address (stored separately of course) so we
>>> can contact them! Ask if they are interested in something special
>>> (quarter mails, new app version information, fundraiser, events in the
>>> neighbourhood, other KDE people near them, etc. pp.)
>> That can be done in the kcm as extra opt-in, we don't want to present a
>> scary dialog on first boot, otherwise people will just run away.
> That's just my humble opinion but honestly I think contact 
> information to our 
> users is much more valueable than any other data.

I guess they'll have a similar opinion - and therefore be rather reluctant to give it away (to not be spammed by KDE or have their contact data in one more database to be leaked from) - or they give you "me at mail.com" (poor fellow who actually has this addy ;-)

If the intention is to have a default pushnews service, i'd propose a default plamoid that displays the "dot.kde.org" rss feed or something similar which is far more defensive than asking them for their mail address.


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