Tobias Leupold tobias.leupold at
Thu Sep 25 11:14:43 BST 2014

Hi list!

Here's (most of) a mail I recently posted on the kde-graphics-devel mailing 
list (cf. the whole discussion:

I'm from the KPhotoAlbum project. We recently introduced support for face 
detection and face recognition using libkface (which is currently hosted in 
extragear/libs, cf. 
and Likely, this will be a part of the 
next release. Actually, we are the first project apart from Digikam (who 
initiated and maintain libkface) to use libkface.

This leads to a problem: at the moment, libkface is distributed with the 
Digikam sources. There's an own git repository for the lib's sources in the 
KDE repositories, but there's no own release.

Some distributors (e. g. Gentoo) have an own package for libkface 
nevertheless, others don't (e. g. Debian). So, at the moment, we would have to 
include libkface in our sources, as Digikam does (which would lead to 
collisions if both KPA and Digikam would be installed and is perhaps not a 
good idea) or we would have to pull the full Digikam package as a dependency 
if the user wants libkface support.

Both "solutions" don't seem to be nice.

Thus, Gilles Caulier from Digikam suggested to move libkface into 
kdegraphics/libs, so that it will be included into the normal KDE release 
cycle and will be independent of Digikam (Digikam apparently can't manage a 
separate lib release itself, the original discussion can be found at

The discussion on kde-graphics-devel finished with the statement this had to 
be determined by kde-core-devel. So what do you think?

Yours, Tobias

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