Review Request 120363: proposal to use the NOGUI switch in CMake files to set the default value for GUIenabled

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Thu Sep 25 18:37:47 BST 2014

On Thursday 25 September 2014 13:32:41 René J.V. Bertin wrote:
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> Review request for KDE Software on Mac OS X and kdelibs.
> Repository: kdelibs
> Description
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> Applications can be defined in their CMake file as being `NOGUI`, but until
> now this has had very limited effect. Especially on OS X, those
> applications can still construct a minimal GUI and thus have "visual
> presence" in the Dock and application switcher (and have a menubar as
> well).
> This patch proposes to define a preprocessor token, `KDE_WITHOUT_GUI`, for
> those targets, and uses that token to set the default value for the
> `GUIenabled` option of the `KApplication` and `KUniqueApplication` classes.
> This could potentially be combined on OS X with the CoreFoundation call that
> turns a running application into an "agent" (see

Note that this change can't apply to a Qt5-based build since QApplication no 
longer has that extra parameter.

Are we sure we want to add a new feature that is Qt4-only and has a short 
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