KIO slaves: fuse moutned remote filesystems treated as local filesystems.

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Tue Sep 23 21:41:15 BST 2014


El Dilluns, 22 de setembre de 2014, a les 08:34:48, Euan Thoms va escriure:
> My question refers to KDE4 specifically, but may be relevant to KDE5 also.
> I'm using WebDAV for our corporate roll-out via davfs2 (fuse module for
> WebDAV). In Dolphin the browsing can be very slow because of 2 things:
> (i) the size column gets populated with number of items within (e.g.
> recursive listing). (ii) the use of mime magic to determine file type means
> that with davfs, the whole file is downloaded in order to read the first 10
> bytes or so. For a 100MB file, this is extremely inefficient.
> Krusader has options that's allows you to turn off mim magic (and rely on
> file extensions alone), and it doesn't inspect the contents of sub-folders.
> The net result is much faster browsing through a davfs2 mounted
> filesystems.
> However, Dolphin and KIO in general, is well integrated into KDE. Therefore
> I would like to firstly; hack kdelibs in 4.10.5 for my corporate rollout.
> Secondly; perhaps have an option in future versions of KDE4 /5 to disable
> these clever but inefficient features of KIO.
> I noticed that when connecting to WebDAV using the webdav:// KIO slave, the
> folder size is replaced with "unknown". So how would I go about making the
> file:// KIO slave behave the same way?

My suggestion would be:
 a) Make KMountPoint return true for probablySlow for your path (if does not 
 b) Make the file ioslave honor KMountPoint::probablySlow for those kind of 
"expensive" operations (also i think there's a way to tell kio that you want 
slow operations even if you're in a network)

Note i'm not an ultra expert on the field so i may be saying silly stuff :D


> I am browsing throught the kio code, however it is very so[phisticated and
> therefore complex codebase. So I would appreciate if someone would point me
> in the right direction.

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