Location of Dr Konqi in Frameworks/KF 5

Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at kde.org
Mon Sep 8 22:44:58 BST 2014

Hi Ian,

On Friday, September 05, 2014 16:36:25 Ian Wadham wrote:
> I have heard that Dr Konqi source code for Frameworks/KF 5
> has been placed in plasma-workspace.
> Please could you consider keeping it in some location that is
> common to all platforms?  This includes both Linux platforms and
> non-Linux platforms, such as Windows and Apple OS X, where
> Plasma is not usually required.
> Dr K used to be in kde-runtime on KDE 4 and is needed on
> every platform, along with KCrash.

I thought we discussed that a while ago, and concluded to put it into kde-
workspace -- I think due to dependencies. This doesn't mean that it has to 
stay there, it just means that I don't recall the exact details. I'm including 
plasma-devel to ask someone who knows to weigh in.


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