Review Request 120080: Fixed error message not always appearing when failing to launch qdbusviewer

Mathias Tillman master.homer at
Sat Sep 6 12:09:35 BST 2014

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Review request for kde-workspace.

Bugs: 329094

Repository: khotkeys


The message that qdbusviewer failed to run doesn't always show. This happens when qtchooser is installed, but none of the KDE4 or KDE5 qdbusviewers are installed, causing qtchooser to end with an error code of 1 and printing an error that it can't find qdbusviewer. This patch works around that by using KProcess::execute which returns an error code as opposed to just a boolean.


  kcm_hotkeys/actions/dbus_action_widget.cpp 5c72762c60ff74850a6a549db75e759dc4aa86e7 



Tried with qdbusviewer both properly installed and only using the qtchooser version.


Mathias Tillman

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