Jeremy Whiting jpwhiting at kde.org
Tue Oct 28 04:22:12 GMT 2014


Is there a way to have custom settings mixed with kcfg_ type settings
in a KConfigDialog? Kanagram does this, but it only works when another
kcfg_ named widget changes too. The combobox to select which language
to use gets saved to disk by a slot that's connected to
KConfigDialog's settingsChanged(QString) signal, but this is only
emitted when one of the kcfg_ named widgets changes and apply is
clicked. Kanagram's mainsettings class enables the apply button
programatically when the language combobox changes, but hitting apply
or ok doesn't emit the settingsChanged signal so the language is never
saved in this case. I could connect to QDialog's accepted() signal,
but then it may be too late to get the widget's currentIndex and save,
etc. So I thought I'd ask if anyone else has seen mixed settings in a
KConfigDialog or knows how to mix the two.


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