Review Request 119014: KUrlRequester: fixing handling of start directory

Simon Bachmann simonbachmann at
Sun Oct 19 10:18:20 BST 2014

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Review request for kdelibs.

Bugs: 92237

Repository: kdelibs


The handling of the start directory in the KUrlRequester is only halfway implemented. 
More in detail:
- m_startDir (the private field holding the start directory) is not initialised - the default value of startDir() is an empty URL instead of the current working dir.
- when the start dir changes, it is not always passed to the KUrlCompletion object of the lineedit. The suggestions showed when entering a relative path into the LineEdit might be wrong as a consequence.
- when selecting a file, the start directory does not change to the directory of the selected file - the API doc says it should. 
- when the user entered a relative path into the LineEdit, url() returns a relative path instead of an absolute one.

This patch should fix these issues. 


  kio/kfile/kurlrequester.h 2083d4c 
  kio/kfile/kurlrequester.cpp 661b428 




Simon Bachmann

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