Review Request 120573: [OS X] make KDE's trash use the OS X trash

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Thu Oct 16 23:35:36 BST 2014

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Review request for KDE Software on Mac OS X, KDE Runtime and David Faure.


New version taking into account the various suggestions. Trash "infrastructure" is now created only when really needed (please check if I forgot any cases), which does NOT include scanning the trash nor doing something with a trashed file (knowing a trashed file by name should mean the infrastruct. exists).

Repository: kde-runtime


KDE on OS X does not handle the desktop session (no "Plasma") nor can it rely on XDG to obtain the proper paths to use for something like the trash. As a result, all applications that propose to move things they manage to the wastebin (Dolphin, but also digiKam) will store those items in a place that has no particular meaning on OS X, and that will thus tend to fill up.

OS X stores trash in one of several locations. Files trashed from the boot volume (and/or the volume containing $HOME, I don't actually know that) end up in `~/.Trash`. Files deleted from other volumes end up in `/Volumes/volName/.Trashes/uid`, where volName is the volume name (regardless whether it's an external or a remote drive; only mounted NFS shares are handled differently) and uid the numerical user id. Permissions on `.Trashes` are the same as those expected by KDE.

The kio_trash kioslave appears to support several actual trash directory locations, just like OS X. `TrashImpl::init()` creates a standard trash in `~/.local/share/Trash` (at least under OS X) but also `TrashImpl::trashForMountPoint()` that is used in cases I have not yet encountered.

On OS X, my modified `TrashImpl::init()` sets the standard trash directory to `~/.Trash/KDE.trash` and will create the `files` and `info` subdirectories as required, because they will of course be deleted when the user empties the OS X trash. `TrashImpl::fileRemoved()` has been modified to call a new function, `deleteEmptyTrashInfraStructure` to delete the KDE trash's internal infrastructure when the wastebin is empty so that OS X also sees the trash as emptied. (Since implementing `deleteEmptyTrashInfraStructure` this feature actually works, as expected as far as I can tell).

Remains to be done:
- determine in what cases `trashForMountPoint()` is used, and finish the modifications for it to use `/.Trashes/uid/KDE.trash`

Diffs (updated)

  kioslave/trash/kcmtrash.cpp f4811fd 
  kioslave/trash/trashimpl.h bc68723 
  kioslave/trash/trashimpl.cpp 30ee05b 



On OS X 10.6.8 with kdelibs and kde-runtime git/4.14, using Dolphin. Tested actions are
- move items to wastebin from $HOME and a directory on a different volume
- restore items to both places
- empty wastebin through Dolphin
- empty OS X trashcan


René J.V. Bertin

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