Gwenview maintainership

Aurélien Gâteau agateau at
Tue Oct 14 16:51:20 BST 2014

For the past few months, I haven't been doing any work on KDE projects,
and I don't see this changing for now. It's time for me to step down
from the projects I maintain. This includes Gwenview. Awesome David
Edmundson did the grunt work of porting it to KDE Frameworks 5 (Thanks
again David!), but he already has too much on his plate: he can't take
over Gwenview.

I am therefore looking for a new maintainer. If you are interested,
please get in touch. I would be more than happy to guide you through the
code to get you started. Some parts of Gwenview user interface (as well
as inner plumbing) are getting a bit dated, so it would be wonderful if
you could get in touch with the VDG to give Gwenview the visual refresh
it deserves.


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