kdelibs coding style.

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Thu Oct 9 19:07:49 BST 2014

Jeremy Whiting ha scritto:
> Are we suggesting the opposite for
> that section at least? Should we put together a Frameworks coding
> policy (since kdelibs coding policy is what is documented there, but
> frameworks aren't kdelibs) or update that page to what we suggest for
> frameworks coding policy?

I would create a new page for Frameworks and keep the kdelibs page as
reference, because kdelibs will follow that style... forever :)
It can always be useful when going back in history and for maintenance, I
think we will release bugfixes for kdelibs 4 for a while (at least as long as
we release 4.x-based applications) and then some bugfixes from long-term
distributions are always possible.


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