Fwd: Moving polkit-kde-agent-1 to kde/workspace

David Edmundson david at davidedmundson.co.uk
Sat Nov 29 20:24:31 GMT 2014

I meant to send this message to kde-core-devel, forwarding here.
Sorry if you see this as a duplicate

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From: David Edmundson <david at davidedmundson.co.uk>
Date: Fri, Nov 28, 2014 at 3:19 PM
Subject: Moving polkit-kde-agent-1 to kde/workspace
To: kde-devel at kde.org

Polkit-kde-agent is a small daemon that runs in the user's session bus, and
prompts a user for authentication when a process on the same session
requests polkit authorisation.

It is currently in extragear/base, however given it is an essential part of
the workspace in order to use polkit actions I would like to move it to be
part of the Plasma release.

This was discussed on plasma-devel with positive reception from active
maintainers, I am asking on core-devel to confirm no-one has any objections
to us making this move.

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