desktoptojson and list properties

Milian Wolff mail at
Sun Nov 16 22:52:25 GMT 2014

Hello all!

KDevelop is currently bitten hard by a bug/limitation in desktoptojson. It 
does not actually understand the .desktop files and custom properties get 
converted to plain JSON strings. Looking at the sources it's also clear why, 
only a selected list of .desktop properties is interpreted as lists.

We have a custom kdevelopplugin.desktop file that describes our custom 
properties via something like:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=KDevelop Plugin

To me it looks like I'll have to add support for such files to desktoptojson. 
But I wonder: Where was/is the code for the above files (how are they 

Since desktoptojson will be called for the plugins we ship in KDevplatform, 
how would/could I make desktoptojson "know" about the kdevelopplugin.desktop 
file without it being installed yet?

Or can we nowadays write the .json files directly, i.e. can scripty/ki18n cope 
with them nowadays?

Milian Wolff
mail at

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