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Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Tue Nov 11 12:30:09 GMT 2014

On Thursday 06 November 2014 13:31:57 Thomas Lübking wrote:
> decoration.h
> -------------
> borderLeft|Right|Bottom|Top
> Use QMargins here as well (they'll usually be required together)?

addressed with:
* kdecoration: f4ab8e4
* kdecoration-viewer: 1a1bbad
* breeze: db43181
* kwin: 1c90ca9

> extendedBorder*
> QMargins as well?. Also maybe "resizeOnlyBorder"? (extendedBorder is very
> generic)

addressed with:
* kdecoration: 87fe38c
* breeze: 4c96514
* kwin: 8cf402f

> "titleRect"
> is this "titleBarRect" or "captionRect" - and should the name be more
> specific? (And if it points an entire section to allow vertical titles etc.
> would a Qt::WindowFrameSection make more sense?)

renamed to titleBar and documentation added:
* kdecoration: d9c9154
* breeze: 21149ac
* kwin: 0f76516

> "setSettings"
> As this is supposed to be only invoked from the framework, make private to a
> friend class/function?

at least marked as internal with 2b82173

> "paint"
> w/o having looked at the paint system, but assuming it operates on
> translation and clip"region"(rect), maybe explicitly hand the rect for this
> pass to be painted as paramenter?

Added a QRegion parameter (thought is to be able to render the complete 
decoration in one go if needed):
* kdecoration: 2a213aa
* kdecoration-viewer: cdac319
* breeze: 3ca6751
* kwin: cb9cbae

> "requestMaximize"
> rename to "requestToggleMaximize|ization"?

went for "requestToggleMaximization" and addressed with:
* kdecoration: 8c937b0
* kdecoration-viewer: 901d1ba
* kwin: 2fdafbb, 99545da

> "windowFrameSection":
> What's that supposed to be at all? "Decoration" will not point a single tile
> of the Decoration, does it?

Renamed to "sectionUnderMouse" and added documentation explaining what it's 
* kdecoration: ea5897c
* kdecoration-viewer: 81e3418
* kwin: dc85ab1

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