autostart confusion

Jeremy Whiting jpwhiting at
Fri Nov 7 05:01:13 GMT 2014

Hey all,

In kdelibs4 times one used to be able to put any script into
~/.kde/Autostart/ make it executable and when startkde ran it would
launch those scripts. In kf5/plasma next time ~/.config/autostart
should be able to do likewise, but doesn't seem to. On one hand the
autostart kcm shows scripts there under a Scripts header and lets you
choose whether they should be ran at startup, or shutdown, or Pre-KDE
startup, yet they are never launched.

I took a look at the kinit klauncher autostart code and it only ever
looked for .desktop files under these autostart paths, even in my
clone of kdelibs it never looked for anything without a .desktop
extension. How did launching of non .desktop file stuff ever work?
Once I know that maybe I can make it work again in plasma-next/kf5


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