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Milian Wolff mail at
Thu Nov 6 13:36:41 GMT 2014

On Thursday 06 November 2014 13:58:24 Martin Gräßlin wrote:
> On Thursday 06 November 2014 13:31:57 Thomas Lübking wrote:
> > "paint"
> > w/o having looked at the paint system, but assuming it operates on
> > translation and clip"region"(rect), maybe explicitly hand the rect for
> > this
> > pass to be painted as paramenter?
> yes that might be an option. Do you think that Decorations could benefit
> from that information?

Painting into a limited region into an unclipped region is faster than 
painting an unlimited region into a clipped one. So that certainly is a good 
idea. Can you maybe leverage QStyleOptionViewItem?

Milian Wolff
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