decoration.h | [was: Review Request for KDecoration]

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at
Thu Nov 6 12:31:57 GMT 2014

Use QMargins here as well (they'll usually be required together)?

QMargins as well?. Also maybe "resizeOnlyBorder"? (extendedBorder is very generic)

is this "titleBarRect" or "captionRect" - and should the name be more specific?
(And if it points an entire section to allow vertical titles etc. would a Qt::WindowFrameSection make more sense?)

As this is supposed to be only invoked from the framework, make private to a friend class/function?

w/o having looked at the paint system, but assuming it operates on translation and clip"region"(rect), maybe explicitly hand the rect for this pass to be painted as paramenter?

rename to "requestToggleMaximize|ization"?

What's that supposed to be at all? "Decoration" will not point a single tile of the Decoration, does it?


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