Compatibility problems with latest GTK+ applications

Marco Martin notmart at
Wed May 7 10:24:03 BST 2014

On Wednesday 07 May 2014 10:11:37 Martin Gräßlin wrote:

> * A hung window can no longer be closed or moved. Technical explanation:
> there is a ping protocol to detect hung applications. KWin only sends ping
> requests when the window is being closed from the window manager (e.g.
> decoration close button or Alt+F4).
> * quick tiling broken, see [1]. It includes the shadow in calculation.

Is this due to the motif hints?

> * Windows can no longer be put into window tabs
> * Dialogs don't have a close button [5] (unless run without compositing)

I think it's their HIG to not have buttons in dialogs

> * Ignores the configured mouse actions, uses (hard coded?) actions.
> Defaulting to lower window on middle click while we use window tab drag on
> middle click * no visual distinction between active and inactive
> application
> * Broken window snapping: window snaps to shadow [7]
> * Mismatching application window menu [8]. Note our menu could be invoked
> through DBus. I consider this as a big problem as that's the only way to
> e.g. add windows to activities (which is also broken now) or to access the
> advanced window manager features GNOME doesn't know of.
> That list I figured out in less than 10 min usage of a new GTK+ application.
> I assume and fear that the list is much longer.
> Any advice on how to handle this situation is appreciated.

I'm not really sure what to say..
I see pretty much two options:
* bending and fix the support for csd as much as possible at least on kwin5 
(at least supporting the required hints)
* leaving it as is, giving them a last occasion to fix support for non csd 
windowmanagers, and if this last attempt at communicating fails (likely)
simply exposing and making noise about it, that is sad and will work not much, 
but still..

Marco Martin

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