Review Request 117044: Avoid unnecessary automounting in KDiskFreeSpaceInfo::freeSpaceInfo

Tomáš Trnka tomastrnka at
Tue May 6 21:01:10 BST 2014

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Review request for kdelibs.

Repository: kdelibs


Avoid unnecessary automounting in KDiskFreeSpaceInfo::freeSpaceInfo

Previously, all unmounted autofs mountpoints were always mounted
by krunner/plasma-desktop on startup, defeating the purpose of
automounting. Let's ignore the unmounted filesystems instead when
gathering free space stats, just like the "df" utility does.

Everything still gets mounted properly on first real access.

The change itself is pretty trivial and I would regard it as a bugfix
(and thus eligible for 4.13), but I'm posting it for review to see
what you kdelibs people think.


  kio/kfile/kdiskfreespaceinfo.cpp f11eb0998f0e718e9b366f8c26da30586bfa44ef 



I'm using this patch on kdelibs since 4.11 and I have noted no problems
in connection with ~4 automounted filesystems.


Tomáš Trnka

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