Review Request 117157: Unlock session via DBus

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Sun Mar 30 18:26:21 BST 2014

Em dom 30 mar 2014, às 10:10:06, Thomas Lübking escreveu:
> un/locking depending on HW dongles (bluetooth, USB) is certainly a nice
> feature, but requires some sort of internal support (where you'd just
> configure the HW id to trigger this)
> Unlocking via a dbus command is imo very problematic.

I disagree. The user already authenticated via their password before they were 
able to send the D-Bus command in the first place. So why not allow them to 

> If we require a password, the user would be trapped into having it in his
> shell history or invited to store it (plaintext) on disk. If such tool
> would be required, it could work by having the user solve a "captcha"
> before reading the PW from stdin (to prevent automization)
> $ kscreenlocker unlock
> 9*8+3?
> > 75
> Password?
> ********
> $

Please don't invent authentication mechanisms. That's what we have PAM for.

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