Review Request 112294: Implement multi-seat support in KDM

Stefan Brüns stefan.bruens at
Sat Mar 29 17:14:29 GMT 2014

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(Updated March 29, 2014, 5:14 p.m.)

Review request for kde-workspace and Oswald Buddenhagen.


Part one: fix trivial issues

Repository: kde-workspace


This patch implements dynamic multiseat in KDM. It follows the description in:

In case systemd is no found at compile time, nothing changes. If logind is not running, nothing changes. If no additional seats have been configured (some Plugable USB-GPUs are automatically added as additional seats), nothing changes.

In case there are additional seats beyond seat0, a reserved display is promoted to a local static one (and demoted if the seat is removed) and a new X-Server/greeter is spawned.

The code has been tested extensively, with a combination of [Radeon dedicated GPU|Intel iGPU], [Intel iGPU|Displaylink USB GPU] and others. For history of this patch, see and

Diffs (updated)

  CMakeLists.txt d5c76d8 
  cmake/modules/CMakeLists.txt 117b3a5 
  kdm/backend/CMakeLists.txt 25f383f 
  kdm/backend/client.c 26bb0b4 
  kdm/backend/dm.h b2f8c61 
  kdm/backend/dm.c 77a2ef7 
  kdm/backend/server.c d8dd6f3 
  kdm/backend/session.c 0e7901c 



Single seat system, several multiseat systems


Stefan Brüns

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