KF5 Update Meeting Minutes 2014-w12

Kevin Ottens ervin at kde.org
Tue Mar 18 15:44:44 GMT 2014

Hello everyone,

This is the minutes of the Week 12 KF5 meeting. As usual it has been held on 
#kde-devel at 4pm Paris time.

Were present: afiestas, agateau, alexmerry, apol, dfaure, mck182, mgraesslin, 
notmart, PovAddict, Riddell, svuorela, tosky and myself.

 * afiestas reminds everybody to read the sprint emails he sent and update 

 * alexmerry has been working on removing kde4 references in the code and it's 
going well;
 * he found a name for the default emoticons theme;
 * he also reimplemented the proctitle stuff in kinit for licensing reasons;

 * agateau started working on the l10n support in the frameworks;
 * he's in need of feedback for handling the tr() based frameworks;
 * he also did minor adjustments to kapidox;

 * apol is thinking about having libksysguard as a framework;

 * dfaure is working on updating lxr and moving it to a new server;
 * he's also working on KConfig API improvements and to regude the amount of 
file loading/parsing;

 * mck182 fixed a bug in QScreen/XCB so that availableGeometry() works 

 * notmart is looking into moving QML plugins into frameworks, email and 
reviews to come;

 * PovAddict figured out how to implement KUser::faceIcon on windows;

 * svuorela is trying to remove some hacks in ECM for windows support;

 * Riddell reports that 4.97.0 is all packaged for kubuntu;

 * tosky has finished the docbook 4.5 migration;
 * he also emailed kde-i18n-doc to organize kf5-based translations;

 * mgraesslin merged his outstanding kwindowsystem patches;
 * he also plans further cleanups;

 * ervin has been mostly reviewing;
 * he's also looking in how to deal with deprecated modules.

If you got questions, feel free to ask.

Kévin Ottens, http://ervin.ipsquad.net

KDAB - proud supporter of KDE, http://www.kdab.com

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