Child Predator Lives Near You

Kids_Live_Save Alert at
Sun Mar 9 13:13:04 GMT 2014


            Neigborhood Safey Alert!!!
            You re receiving this emil becuse tere my be 
            risk of Sex Offender activity in your area.
            If you wuld like to know who they are, where they live, and how you can protect yor family from sexual predators,
            Plase Click Her
            Note: the website you ae about to access contains actua sex ofender information. Please use cation when utilizing his service.
            I Understnd nd Want o Proced >>>
          Tis is a Kds Live Sae advertisement. T unsubscribe, wrte to us at the address below or Clic hee. Kids Live Safe is not a Government Agency or in anyway associated with the Government.
          Kids Live Safe | 3905 State St., Site 7-228 | anta Barbara, CA 93105
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